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The approval authority shall approve a preliminary plat application for a flag lot partition only where all of the following criteria are met.

A. The criteria of section are met.

B. For the purpose of meeting the minimum lot area requirement, the lot area, exclusive of the flag drive area, must meet the minimum square footage requirements of the zoning district.

C. Flag drives shall be in the same ownership as the flag lots served. Where two or more lots are served by the same flag drive, the flag drive shall be owned by one of the lots and an easement for access shall be granted to the other lot or lots.

D. Except as provided in subsection, below, the flag drive serving a single flag lot shall have a minimum width of 15 feet and contain a 12 foot wide paved driving surface. For drives serving two flag lots, the flag drive shall be 20 feet wide, with a 15 foot wide driving surface to the back of the first lot, and a 12 foot wide driving surface to the rear lot. Drives shared by adjacent properties shall have a width of 20 feet, with a 15 foot paved driving surface. Width shall be increased on turns where necessary to ensure fire apparatus remain on a paved surface during travel.

E. Curb cuts have been minimized, where possible, through the use of common driveways. No more than two flag lots are served by the flag drive.

F. Flag drive grades shall not exceed a maximum grade of 15 percent. Variances may be granted for flag drives for grades in excess of 15 percent but no greater than 18 percent for not more than 200 feet. Such variances shall be required to meet all of the criteria for approval in chapter 18.5.5 Variances.

G. Flag drives shall be constructed to prevent surface drainage from flowing over sidewalks or other public ways.

H. Flag lots adjacent to an alley shall meet all of the requirements of this section, except that:

1. Vehicle access shall be from the alley only where required as a condition of approval.

2. No screening and paving requirements shall be required for the flagpole.

3. A four foot pedestrian path shall be installed within the flagpole and improved and maintained with either a concrete, asphalt, brick, or paver block surface connecting the street to the buildable area of the flag lot.

4. The flag pole width shall be no less than eight feet wide and the entrance of the pole at the street shall be identified by the address of the flag lot clearly visible from the street on a four-inch by four-inch post that is 3½ feet high. The post shall be painted white with black numbers three inches high running vertically down the front of the post. For flagpoles serving two or more dwellings, the addresses of such dwellings shall be on a two foot by three foot white sign clearly visible from the street with three-inch black numbers.

I. Flag drives and fire work areas shall be deemed Fire Apparatus Access Roads under the Oregon Fire Code and subject to all requirements thereof.

J. When required by the Oregon Fire Code, flag drives greater than 150 feet in length shall provide a turnaround (see Figure The Staff Advisor, in coordination with the Fire Code Official, may extend the distance of the turnaround requirement up to a maximum of 250 feet in length as allowed by Oregon Fire Code access exemptions.

K. Each flag lot has at least three parking spaces situated to eliminate the necessity for vehicles backing out.

L. There shall be no parking within ten feet of the centerline of the drive on either side of the flag drive entrance.

M. Flag drives serving structures greater than 24 feet in height, as defined in part 18.6, shall provide a fire work area of 20 feet by 40 feet clear of vertical obstructions and within 50 feet of the structure. The fire work area requirement shall be waived if the structure served by the drive has an approved automatic sprinkler system installed.

N. Both sides of the flag drive have been screened with a sight-obscuring fence, wall or fire-resistant broadleaf evergreen sight-obscuring hedge to a height of from four to six feet, except in the front yard setback area where, starting five feet from the property line, the height shall be from 30 to 42 inches in the remaining setback area. Such fence or landscaping shall be placed to ensure fire apparatus access is not obstructed by the encroachment of mature landscaping.

O. The applicant has executed and filed with the Community Development Department an agreement between applicant and the City for paving and screening of the flag drive. Such an agreement shall specify the period within which the applicant, or agent for applicant, or contractor shall complete the paving to standards as specified by the Public Works Director and screening as required by this section, and providing that if applicant should fail to complete such work within such period, the City may complete the same and recover the full cost and expense thereof from the applicant. An agreement shall also provide for the maintenance of the paving and screening pursuant to this section, and assurance ongoing maintenance.

P. Flag lots shall be required to provide a useable yard area that has a minimal dimension of 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep. As used in this chapter, the term "useable yard area" means a private yard area which is unobstructed by a structure or automobile from the ground upward. (Ord. 3158 § 9, amended, 09/18/2018)