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A. Approval Criteria. The approval authority, pursuant to subsection, may approve, approve with conditions or deny a preliminary subdivision plat on findings of compliance with all of the following approval criteria.

1. The subdivision plan conforms to applicable City-adopted neighborhood or district plans, if any, and any previous land use approvals for the subject area.

2. Proposed lots conform to the requirements of the underlying zone, per part 18.2, any applicable overlay zone requirements, per part 18.3, and any applicable development standards, per part 18.4 (e.g., parking and access, tree preservation, solar access and orientation).

3. Access to individual lots necessary to serve the development shall conform to the standards contained in section Vehicle Area Design.

4. The proposed streets, utilities, and surface water drainage facilities conform to the standards in chapter 18.4.6, and allow for transitions to existing and potential future development on adjacent lands. The preliminary plat shall identify all proposed public improvements and dedications.

5. All proposed private common areas and improvements, if any, are identified on the preliminary plat and maintenance of such areas(e.g., landscaping, tree preservation, common areas, access, parking, etc.) is ensured through appropriate legal instrument (e.g., Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

6. Required State and Federal permits, as applicable, have been obtained or can reasonably be obtained prior to development.

B. Conditions of Approval. The approval authority may attach such conditions as are necessary to carry out provisions of this ordinance, and other applicable ordinances and regulations.