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The approval authority shall approve an application for preliminary partition plat approval only where all of the following criteria are met.

A. The future use for urban purposes of the remainder of the tract will not be impeded.

B. The development of the remainder of any adjoining land or access thereto will not be impeded.

C. The partition plan conforms to applicable City-adopted neighborhood or district plans, if any, and any previous land use approvals for the subject area.

D. The tract of land has not been partitioned for 12 months.

E. Proposed lots conform to the requirements of the underlying zone, per part 18.2, any applicable overlay zone requirements, per part 18.3, and any applicable development standards, per part 18.4 (e.g., parking and access, tree preservation, solar access and orientation).

F. Accesses to individual lots conform to the standards in section Vehicle Area Design. See also, Additional Preliminary Flag Lot Partition Plat Criteria.

G. The proposed streets, utilities, and surface water drainage facilities conform to the street design standards and other requirements in part 18.4, and allow for transitions to existing and potential future development on adjacent lands. The preliminary plat shall identify all proposed public improvements and dedications.

H. Unpaved Streets.

1. Minimum Street Improvement. When there exists a 20-foot wide access along the entire street frontage of the parcel to the nearest fully improved collector or arterial street, as designated in the Comprehensive Plan, such access shall be improved with an asphaltic concrete pavement designed for the use of the proposed street. The minimum width of the street shall be 20-feet with all work done under permit of the Public Works Department.

2. Unpaved Streets. The Public Works Director may allow an unpaved street for access for a land partition when all of the following conditions exist.

a. The unpaved street is at least 20-feet wide to the nearest fully improved collector or arterial street. The City may require the street to be graded (cut and filled) to its standard physical width, and surfaced as required in chapter 18.4.6 prior to the signature of the final partition plat by the City.

b. The centerline grade on any portion of the unpaved street does not exceed ten percent.

c. The final elevation of the street shall be established as specified by the Public Works Director except where the establishment of the elevation would produce a substantial variation in the level of the road surface. In this case, the slope of the lot shall be graded to meet the final street elevation.

d. Should the partition be on an unpaved street and paving is not required, the applicant shall agree to participate in the costs and to waive the rights of the owner of the subject property to remonstrate both with respect to the owners agreeing to participate in the cost of full street improvements and to not remonstrate to the formation of a local improvement district to cover such improvements and costs thereof. Full street improvements shall include paving, curb, gutter, sidewalks, and the undergrounding of utilities. This requirement shall be precedent to the signing of the final survey plat, and if the owner declines to so agree, then the application shall be denied.

I. Where an alley exists adjacent to the partition, access may be required to be provided from the alley and prohibited from the street.

J. Required State and Federal permits, as applicable, have been obtained or can reasonably be obtained prior to development.

K. A partition plat containing one or more flag lots shall additionally meet the criteria in section