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A. If a site has received development approval through a planning action consistent with the standards of this chapter, then a Verification Permit shall be required for those trees approved for removal through that process. To obtain a Verification Permit, an applicant must clearly identify on the property the trees to be removed by tying pink tagging tape around each tree and submitting a site plan indicating the location of the requested trees. Vegetation four- to six-inches DBH that is to be removed shall also be marked with pink tagging tape. The Staff Advisor may require the building footprint of the development to be staked to allow for accurate verification of the permit application. The Staff Advisor will then verify that the requested trees match the site plan approved with the planning action. The City shall require the applicant to mitigate for the removal of each tree, pursuant to section Such mitigation requirements shall be a condition of approval of the original development permit.

B. Verification Permits shall be required prior to the issuance of an excavation permit or building permit and prior to any site disturbance and/or storage of materials on the subject property.