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A. The City recognizes that specific trees in Ashland are deserving of special status due to distinctive form, size, age, location, species, unique qualities, or historical significance.

B. Any person may nominate, with the written consent of the property owner, a mature tree for consideration as a Heritage Tree. This nomination shall include all information necessary for evaluation based on the items described in section, above. The Tree Commission shall review all nominations and shall make a written final recommendation to the City Council. The Council shall review the recommendation and make the final determination for Heritage Tree status.

C. Should the City Council approve the nomination, the tree shall be included on the Heritage Tree list adopted by resolution of the City Council. The property owner shall be notified of the Council's action.

D. Once designated, a Heritage Tree shall be subject to the applicable provisions of this ordinance.

E. A Heritage Tree may be removed from the list by the City Council upon its own motion, or the City shall remove a Heritage Tree from the list upon written request by the property owner. A request by the owner must state the reasons for removal from the list and be filed with the City Recorder. The City Recorder shall then remove the Heritage Tree from the list and cause to be filed with the county recording office a quitclaim deed quitclaiming any interest of the City resulting from the listing.