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One or more of the following shall satisfy the mitigation requirement:

A. Replanting On Site. The applicant shall plant either a minimum one-and-one-half-inch caliper healthy and well-branched deciduous tree or a five- to six-foot-tall evergreen tree for each tree removed. The replanted tree shall be of a species that will eventually equal or exceed the removed tree in size if appropriate for the new location. Larger trees may be required where the mitigation is intended, in part, to replace a visual screen between land uses. “Suitable species” means the tree’s growth habits and environmental requirements are conducive to the site, given existing topography, soils, other vegetation, exposure to wind and sun, nearby structures, overhead wires, etc. The tree shall be planted and maintained per the specifications of the Recommended Street Tree Guide.

B. Replanting Off Site. If in the City’s determination there is insufficient available space on the subject property, the replanting required in subsection, above, shall occur on other property in the applicant’s ownership or control within the City, in a common open space tract that is part of the same subdivision, or in a City owned or dedicated public open space or park. Such mitigation planting is subject to the approval of the authorized property owners. If planting on City owned or dedicated property, the City may specify the species and size of the tree. Nothing in this section shall be construed as an obligation of the City to allow trees to be planted on City owned or dedicated property.

C. Payment In Lieu of Planting. If in the City’s determination no feasible alternative exists to plant the required mitigation, the applicant shall pay into the tree account an amount as established by resolution of the City Council.

D. Mitigation Plan. An approved mitigation plan shall be fully implemented within one year of a tree being removed unless otherwise set forth in a tree removal application and approved in the tree removal permits. (Ord. 3191 § 35, amended, 11/17/2020)