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Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, in addition to the requirements of the Model Rules and the Oregon Public Contracting Code:

A. The Finance Director must sign off that there are appropriate funds for the project before the project is put out for bids.

B. The City Attorney must determine that the contract is appropriate as to form before the project is put out for bids. In addition, the City Attorney shall review all formal competitive solicitations or formal competitive bids to ensure that the appropriate process is being followed.

C. The Local Contract Review Board shall approve the award of all contracts for which the Ashland Municipal Code or the Oregon Public Contracting Code require formal competitive solicitations or formal competitive bids.

D. Electronic Solicitation. Competitive sealed bids and competitive sealed proposals may be available online, but applicants will NOT be able to submit their proposals and/or responses online. Bids and proposals must be delivered in hard copy form to the City in accordance with the requirements for the competitive solicitation. Individuals that obtain the solicitation materials electronically are responsible for regularly checking for instructions, addenda, and related materials. (Ord. 3039, amended, 11/07/2010; Ord. 3013, added, 05/18/2010; Ord. 2934, replaced, 11/21/2006; Ord. 2917, amended, 03/01/2005)