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All Public Contracts shall be based upon Competitive Sealed Bidding (Invitation to Bid) or Competitive Sealed Proposals (Request for Proposal) pursuant to ORS 279A – 279C and the Model Rules except for the following:

A. Contracts listed in ORS 279A.025(2).

B. Purchases through federal programs as set forth in ORS 279A.180.

C. Public Improvement Contracts that qualify for exemption as set forth in 279C.335.

D. Small Procurements – a public contract not exceeding $5,000.

1. Small Procurements shall be awarded in accordance with ORS 279B.065, OAR 137-047-0800, OAR 137-047-0265 and all other applicable provisions of law.

E. Intermediate Procurements – a public contract for goods and services greater than $5,000 and less than $100,000.

1. Intermediate Procurements shall be awarded in accordance with ORS 279B.070, OAR 137-047-0800, OAR 137-047-0270 and other applicable provisions of law.

F. Sole Source Procurements – a public contract in which the Department Head finds in writing that there is only one provider of a product or service of the quality and type required available.

1. Sole-source procurements shall be awarded in accordance with ORS 279B.075 and all other applicable provisions of law.

G. Special Procurements – a public contract for a class special procurement, a contract specific procurement or both, based upon a contracting procedure that differs from procedures described in ORS 279B.055, 279B.060, 279B.065, 279B.070. The contracting approach may be custom designed to meet the procurement needs.

1. Special procurements shall be awarded in accordance with ORS 279B.085 and all other applicable provisions of law.

H. Emergency Procurements – a public contract that is necessary because an emergency exists meaning there are circumstances creating a substantial risk of loss, damage, interruption of services or threat to public health, safety, welfare, or property that could not have been reasonably foreseen and requires prompt execution of a public contract to remedy the condition.

1. Emergency procurements shall be awarded in accordance with ORS 279B.080 and all other applicable provisions of law.

I. The following classes of contracts are hereby specifically exempted from the Oregon Public Contracting Code and Model Rules pursuant to ORS 279A.025(t):

1. Contracts for the purchase of materials where competitive bids for the same materials have been obtained by other public agencies or the federal government whose processes for bid and award are substantially equivalent to those set forth herein, and the contract is to be awarded to the party to whom the original contract was awarded as long as no material change is made to the terms, conditions, or prices of the original contract.

2. Contracts for licenses and maintenance of computer hardware, computer software, and telecommunications products (including cable, video and television products).

3. Purchase of items or services of an artistic nature, including, but not limited to public art.

4. Contracts for removal, cleanup or transport of hazardous materials. As used in this Subsection, “hazardous materials” include any material or substance which may pose a present or future threat to human health or the environment, including Hazardous Waste as that term is used in the Resources Conservation and Recovery Act (42 USC 6901 et seq.).

5. Contracts for purchase of used motor vehicles, defined as any motor vehicle that is at least one year old.

6. Contracts for the purchase of used heavy construction equipment.

7. Contracts for the purchase of copyrighted materials where there is only one supplier available within a reasonable purchase area for such goods.

8. Contracts for the purchase of advertising, including legal advertising intended for the purpose of giving public notice.

9. Contracts for the purchase or sale of all utilities including, but not limited to, electric power, gas, water, sewage, internet, cemetery lots, cable and telecommunication services, and the sale of telecommunication materials or products or other services, materials or products traditionally provided by the City.

10. Contracts for the purchase of goods or services where the rate or price for the goods or services being purchased is established by federal, state or local regulating authority. (Ord. 3039, amended, 11/07/2010; Ord. 3013, added, 05/18/2010)