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A. Except as otherwise provided by this code, the Public Contracting Officer shall have authority to:

1. Purchase and contract for all materials, supplies, equipment, services and public improvements for which funds have been appropriated by the City Council and the contract price does not exceed $100,000;

2. Contract for all personal services as long as the contract price does not exceed $75,000; and

3. Sell or dispose of all personal property of the City in accordance with AMC 2.54.

4. Enter into any intergovernmental agreement as long as the annual cost to the City does not exceed $25,000 and the agreement does not create a new intergovernmental entity.

Contracts approved under this section require no further approvals by the Local Contract Review Board.

B. Except when this Chapter, or the Oregon Public Contracting Code and Model Rules, specifically requires the Local Contract Review Board to take action or exercise its discretion and delegation is not allowed, any act required or permitted to be performed by an “agency,” “head of a contracting agency,” “local contract review board” or the “director” under the Model Rules or Oregon Public Contracting Code shall be performed by the Public Contracting Officer.

C. The Public Contracting Officer may develop such forms that are convenient to the administration of the City’s contracts and may promulgate procedures reasonably necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Chapter, the Model Rules, and the Oregon Public Contracting Code. The City Attorney may promulgate standard forms for use by the Public Contracting Officer. (Ord. 3013, added, 05/18/2010; Ord. 2934, replaced, 11/21/2006; Ord. 2917, amended, 03/01/2005; Ord. 2857, amended, 06/20/2000; Ord. 3136, amended, 2017)