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Any person or business requesting a city recommendation to the OLCC on a liquor license application shall apply upon suitable forms furnished by the OLCC. The City recorder shall accept liquor license applications only when the following conditions are met:

A. An applicant for an initial license or modification of a current license provides legible copies of the following forms supplied by the OLCC: liquor license application forms, individual history forms, and business information forms. An applicant for a temporary sales license (TSL) provides the temporary sales application form supplied by the OLCC.

B. The applicant has obtained a valid city business license when applicable.

C. The application is complete.

D. The applicant has provided any relevant additional information the City recorder requests to determine the qualifications of the applicant.

E. The application is accompanied by the appropriate fees, as established by resolution of the City council. (Ord. 2995, added, 10/20/2009)