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The City Council hereby delegates to the City Recorder the ability to process all OLCC liquor license applications or requests, except for applications for new or renewal licenses. Upon receipt of an application for a new or renewal liquor license, the City Recorder shall:

A. Coordinate and conduct an investigation of each application for the purpose of determining what recommendation shall be made to the City Council. The City recorder may require the applicant to supply additional information that is relevant to determine if there is a sufficient basis for an unfavorable recommendation to the OLCC as provided by Oregon liquor laws.

B. Refer the application to the Department of Community Development who shall determine if the location of the licensee’s business complies with the City’s land use requirements.

C. Determine if the licensee has met the criterion for an unfavorable recommendation in accordance with AMC 6.32.067.

D. Report to the City council as to the filing of the application and prepare sufficient documentation and/or findings to support an unfavorable recommendation to the OLCC if there is a basis for such recommendation.

E. Mail a letter or personally contact the applicant if an unfavorable recommendation will be made to the City Council.

F. Make a recommendation and place the license on the consent agenda at the next regular council meeting.

G. After the recommendation is approved by the City Council, forward the recommendation and any necessary supporting documentation to the OLCC.

H. Endorse the application, if approved by the City Council.

I. Maintain a record of all OLCC applications. (Ord. 2995, amended, 10/20/2009; Ord. 2833, amended, 11/18/1998)