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A. The Director shall have the authority to review and approve or deny requests for tour bus and special vehicle permits. The Director may attach special conditions to any permit and shall have the authority to waive any of the criteria specified in AMC 6.30.050 for one-time only special vehicle permits for special events. The Director, in his discretion, may request a recommendation from transportation related commissions regarding whether the permit should be approved or denied.

B. The Director shall have the authority to issue a special vehicle permit for nonmotorized vehicles:

1. When such vehicles will be used for weddings or similar events where the passengers are not returned to the point of origin;

2. When the route does not require extensive travel along North or East Main streets, Siskiyou Boulevard, Highway 66 (Ashland Street), Hersey Street, or Lithia Way; and

3. If the route crosses any street noted in the above subsection, such crossing will not cause substantial conflict with traffic on those streets. (Ord. 2970, added, 10/21/2008)