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The proposed operation shall:

A. Have a clearly defined route that will not create traffic congestion or adversely affect the character or privacy of a residential area.

B. Have proposed pick-up and delivery locations that will not create, or materially contribute to, a parking problem.

C. Have a vehicle speed that will not create traffic congestion or safety problems.

D. Utilize streets of sufficient width, including vision clearance at intersections, so that it will not materially contribute to traffic and pedestrian safety problems.

E. Have a fixed route with passengers picked up only at a specified single point of origin and, except for Lithia Park, passengers shall be returned to that same point.

F. Each day, prior to the operation of any special vehicle or tour bus, the special vehicle or tour bus shall be thoroughly inspected by the operator and found to be in safe operating condition. An inspection for safe operating conditions must include, but is not limited to, inspection of: brakes including parking brake; all lights, signals and reflectors; steering system; mirrors; horn and other warning devices; tires; and the availability of helmets for drivers and passengers of pedicabs. For any condition found then or at any other time that will prevent the safe operation of the special vehicle or tour bus, the operator shall immediately remove the vehicle from service and correct the condition before returning it to service. (Ord. 2970, added, 10/21/2008)