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The following process shall apply to all contracts that are exempt from formal competitive selection procedures in AMC 2.50.090.

A. The Public Contracting Officer is responsible for determining whether a project is subject to an exemption pursuant to AMC 2.50.090 that will allow a process other than a formal solicitation. Except for small procurements and emergency procurements, it is the responsibility of the Public Contracting Officer to evaluate whether an exemption exists and write findings consistent with Oregon law to document the exemption. A copy of the written findings shall be given to the City Attorney. If an exemption is approved all applicable provisions of the Oregon Public Contracting Code and the Model Rules must be followed. Notwithstanding the exemptions, the City Attorney, the Public Contracting Officer, or Local Contract Review Board may require a formal competitive solicitation to ensure the purposes of this Chapter.

B. Except for small procurements equal to or less than $5,000, and emergency procurements, any informal procurement process, listed in AMC 2.50.090 shall require the Public Contracting Officer to obtain written authorization from the Finance Director to ensure that adequate funds are available for the project.

C. For intermediate procurements of any amount the contracting agency shall use a written solicitation to obtain quotes, bids, or proposals.

D. For all contracts over $5,000 the City Attorney must determine that the contract is appropriate as to form before the contract is awarded. Use of a City standard form contract negates the need for legal sign off on all informal contracting processes.

E. After the procurement process is complete, the Public Contracting Officer must execute the procurement contract, and the Finance Director must endorse the amount of the contract if the value of the contract exceeds the amount originally approved by the Finance Director on the requisition documents.

F. The Public Contracting Officer must execute any change orders or amendments to the contract that are authorized under the Oregon Public Contracting Code or the Model Rules. (Ord. 3039, amended, 11/07/2010; Ord. 3013, added, 05/18/2010; Ord. 2934, replaced, 11/21/2006)