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A. Upon determination by the Code Compliance Officer that a violation of the Ashland Municipal Code exists that can be remedied by abatement, a Code Compliance Officer shall cause a notice of abatement to be served on the owner or person in charge of the property where the violation exists in accordance with 1.08.005.E [Service, Service by mail, etc.], directing the owner or person in charge of the property to abate the violation.

B. The notice to abate shall contain:

1. a description of the real property by street address or otherwise, on which the violation exists;

2. a direction to abate the violation within ten (10) days from the date of posting;

3. a description of the violation and a reference to the ordinance or Code section number involved;

4. a statement that, unless the violation is removed, the City may abate the violation and the cost of abatement shall be charged to the person responsible, assessed against the property, or both;

5. a statement that the person responsible may protest the order to abate by giving written notice to the recorder within ten (10) days from the date of service in accordance with AMC 2.30.020 [Administrative Appeals Process];

6. a statement that failure to abate a violation may result in abatement by the City and may also result in issuance of a civil violation citation;

7. if the person responsible is not the owner, an additional notice shall be sent to the owner, stating that all or part of the abatement costs not paid by the person responsible will be assessed to and become a lien on the property.

C. On completion of service, the persons responsible for service shall execute and file certificates stating the date and place of service.

D. An error in the notice mailed shall not make the notice void.

E. The City is not required to post the property but may always provide posting at its discretion to facilitate notice with the responsible parties. (Ord. 3010, added, 04/20/2010)