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A. Within ten (10) days after service of the notice as provided in AMC 1.08.005.E [Service, Service by mail, etc.], a person responsible shall remove the violation or show that no violation exists by protesting the violation as provided herein.

B. A person responsible, protesting the existence of a violation, shall, within ten (10) days after service, file with the City recorder a written notice of appeal specifying the basis for protesting in accordance with AMC 2.30.020 [Administrative Appeals Process]. Failure to file a written notice of appeal constitutes a waiver to any objection that the person may have to the finding that a violation exists or to the abatement of the violation by the City.

C. After hearing the matter, the hearings officer may determine that no violation exists, determine that a violation exists and order its abatement, impose conditions on the person responsible, or delay the time for abatement of the violation. The hearings officer shall make written findings in support of its decision when a violation is determined to exist, and its decision shall be final.

D. If the hearings officer determines that a violation does in fact exist, a person responsible shall abate the violation within ten (10) days after the hearing officer’s determination, unless the hearings officer has delayed the time for abatement pursuant to subsection C. (Ord. 3010, added, 04/20/2010)