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The following words and phrases whenever used in this chapter shall be construed as defined in this section unless from the context a different meaning is intended.

A. “Improvement resolution” means that resolution adopted by the council declaring its intention to make a local improvement.

B. “Local Improvement” has the meaning given under ORS 310.140(9)(a) means a capital construction project, or part thereof, undertaken by a local government, pursuant to ORS 223.387 to 223.399, or pursuant to a local ordinance or resolution prescribing the procedure to be followed in making local assessments for benefits from a local improvement upon the lots that have been benefited by all or a part of the improvement:

1. That provides a special benefit only to specific properties or rectifies a problem caused by specific properties; and

2. The costs of which are assessed against those properties in a single assessment upon the completion of the project; and

3. For which the property owner may elect to make payment of the assessment plus appropriate interest over a period of at least 10 years.

C. “Local Improvement District” means the property that is to be assessed for all or any portion of the cost of a local improvement and the property on which the local improvement is located.

D. “Lot” means a lot, block or parcel of land.

E. “Owner” means the owner of the title to real property or the contract purchaser of real property of record as shown on the last available complete assessment role in the office of the County Assessor. (Ord. 2976, added, 01/06/2009)