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Whenever the council in its discretion deems it necessary to make any local improvement to construct, alter, repair, or improve any street, transit, parking, sewer, water, irrigation, sidewalk, electric, fiber network, street lights, storm drain or any other local improvements to be paid for in whole or in part by special assessment, the council may declare its intention to make the local improvement by adopting an improvement resolution. The proposed local improvement may be initiated by either of the following methods:

A. By the council, at its own initiative; or

B. By written petition requesting the local improvement signed by the owners of property that would benefit specially from the local improvement and that would have at least 60% of the anticipated assessment as estimated by the City engineer. Property within the proposed district boundary, owned by the City shall be counted in support of local improvement district formation at the same rate as any other property owner using the same methodology proposed for the local improvement.

Whenever all of the owners of any property to be benefited and assessed for any local improvement have signed a petition directed and presented to the council requesting such local improvement, the council may initiate and construct such local improvement without publishing or mailing notice to the owners of the affected property and without holding a public hearing regarding the proposed local improvement. (Ord. 2976, added, 01/06/2009)