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In addition to the submittals required in by chapter 18.5.2 Site Design Review, the following items shall be provided as part of the application for a wireless communication facility.

A. A photo of each of the major components of a similar installation, including a photo montage of the overall facility as proposed.

B. Exterior elevations of the proposed wireless communication facility at a scale of at least one inch equals ten feet.

C. A set of manufacturer’s specifications of the support structure, antennas, and accessory buildings with a listing of materials being proposed including colors of the exterior materials.

D. A site plan indicating all structures, land uses, and zoning designation within 150 feet of the site boundaries, or 300 feet if the height of the structure is greater than 80 feet.

E. A map that includes the following information.

1. The coverage area of the proposed wireless communication facility.

2. A map showing the existing and approved wireless communication facility sites operated by the applicant, and all other wireless communication facilities within a five mile radius of the proposed site.

F. Details and specifications for exterior lighting.

G. A collocation feasibility study that adequately indicates collocation efforts were made and states the reasons collocation can or cannot occur addressing the collocation standards in

H. For applications requesting approval of installation of new wireless communication facilities that are not collocated on a structure used by one or more wireless communications providers, the applicant shall submit, along with the standard application fee, an additional fee to reimburse the City for the cost of having the application materials reviewed by an independent contractor. The contractor must provide objective advice based on professional qualifications and experience in telecommunication/radio frequency engineering, structural engineering, assessment of electromagnetic fields, telecommunications law, and other related fields of expertise. The fee for this independent analysis of application materials shall be in an amount established by resolution of the City Council.

I. A copy of the lease agreement for the proposed site showing that the agreement does not preclude collocation.

J. Documentation detailing the general capacity of the tower in terms of the number and type of antennas it is designed to accommodate.

K. Any other documentation the applicant feels is relevant to comply with the applicable design standards.

L. Documentation that the applicant has held a local community meeting to inform members of the surrounding area of the proposed wireless communication facility. Meeting documentation shall include all of the following.

1. A copy of the mailing list to properties within 300 feet of the proposed facility.

2. A copy of the notice of community meeting, mailed one week prior to the meeting.

3. A copy of the newspaper ad placed in a local paper one week prior to the meeting.

4. A summary of issues raised during the meeting.