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A. Applicability. The following planning applications shall comply with applicable North Mountain Neighborhood Design Standards and all other requirements outlined in chapter 18.5.2 Site Design Review.

1. Site Design Review. Developments requiring approval under chapter 18.5.2 Site Design Review.

2. Performance Standards Option Developments. In addition to the submittal requirements for Final Plan approval, per chapter 18.3.9 Performance Standards Option Overlay, the applicant shall provide typical elevations incorporating the architectural elements described in the North Mountain Neighborhood Design Standards for all proposed buildings.

3. Partitions. Developments requiring Partition approval under chapter 18.5.3 Land Divisions and Property Line Adjustments.

B. Review and Approval Procedure. All land use applications shall be reviewed and processed in accordance with the applicable procedures of part 18.5 Application Review Procedures and Approval Criteria.

C. Supplemental Approval Criteria. In addition to the criteria for approval required by other sections of this ordinance, applications within the NM district shall also meet all of the following criteria.

1. The application demonstrates conformity to the general design requirements of the North Mountain Neighborhood Plan, including density, transportation, building design, and building orientation.

2. The application complies with the specific design requirements as provided in the North Mountain Neighborhood Design Standards.