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A Water Resource Protection Zone may be reduced by up to 25 percent through a Type I procedure in, and by greater than 25 percent and up to 50 percent through a Type II procedure in section if the proposal meets all of the following criteria.

A. The proposed use or activity is designed to avoid intrusion into the Water Resource Protection Zone through the use of up to a 50 percent reduction of any dimensional standards (e.g., required front, side and rear yard setbacks; required distance between buildings) to permit development as far outside or upland of the Water Resource Protection Zone as possible. Such adjustment to any applicable dimensional standards shall be reviewed as part of the requested reduction, and shall not be subject to a separate Variance application under chapter 18.5.5 Variances. Reductions to dimensional standards may not be used to reduce required Solar Access setbacks without evidence of agreement by the effected property owner(s) to the north through a concurrent Solar Access Variance application as described in chapter 18.4.8 Solar Access.

B. The alteration of the Water Resource Protection Zone is the minimum necessary to efficiently perform the proposed activity and/or use. The proposed development shall minimize disturbance to the Water Resource Protection Zone by utilizing the following design options to minimize or reduce impacts of development.

1. Multi-story construction shall be considered.

2. Parking spaces shall be minimized to no more than that required as a minimum for the use.

3. Pavement shall be minimized, and all pavement used shall be installed and maintained in a porous solid surface paving material.

4. Engineering solutions shall be used to minimize additional grading and/or fill.

C. The application demonstrates that equal or better protection for identified resources will be ensured through restoration, enhancement, and mitigation measures. The structures, functions, and values of the Water Resource will be restored through the implementation of a restoration and enhancement strategy set forth in a mitigation plan prepared in accordance with the standards and requirements described in section Mitigation Requirements.

D. Long term conservation, management, and maintenance of the Water Resource Protection Zone shall be ensured through preparation and recordation of a management plan as described in subsection, except a management plan is not required for residentially zoned lots occupied only by a single-family dwelling and accessory structures.