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It is the policy and purpose of the City of Ashland to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and physical environment of Ashland through the regulation of solid waste management. This regulation will:

A. Ensure safe, economical, efficient and comprehensive solid waste management services (SWMS) as further defined in this chapter;

B. Assist the community in reaching and surpassing recycling and waste diversion rates of the Jackson County wasteshed;

C. Ensure fair and equitable service rates and charges across all customer classes to achieve safe and efficient collection, transportation and recovery of solid waste, recyclables and compostable materials;

D. Meet or exceed all applicable ORS 459 regulations relating to solid waste management prescribed to local jurisdictions and their authorized franchisee; and

E. Ensure consistent and responsive service and communication with citizens regarding solid waste management operations, education and requirements including waste prevention, product life cycle impacts, waste diversion opportunities, recycling best practices and standards and general wasteshed stewardship. (Ord. 3172 § 2, added, 02/05/2019)