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The Mayor, with confirmation by the City Council, shall appoint five (5) persons to work with local recycling awareness groups to actively promote the following:

A. Support and monitor recycling projects, including research and demonstration projects, in order to increase the percentage of disposable plastics products which are recycled and/or decrease the amount of municipal solid waste deposited in landfills. The task force may recommend to City Council methods and specific goals, in terms of quality and quantity, for reduction of disposable plastic products in landfills and in the litter stream.

B. Work toward the total elimination of polystyrene foam and other disposable plastic products as a way to reduce litter and reduce the amount of solid wastes deposited in landfills is a long term community goal. To these ends, the task force is requested to consider the following aspects in their recommendations:

1. Public Education and Promotion

2. Alternative Product Recycling/Energy Conversion

3. Financial Assistance

4. Alternative Products Research (e.g., photo degradable and biodegradable additives, etc.)