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A. In the event a court determines property to be chronic nuisance property, the court may order that the property be closed and secured against all use and occupancy for not more than 180 days, or the court may employ any other remedy deemed by it to be appropriate to abate the nuisance.

In establishing the length of closure of the property, the court may consider any of the following factors, as they may be appropriate, and shall cite those found applicable:

1. The actions taken by the owner(s) to mitigate or correct the problem at the property;

2. Whether the problem at the property was repeated or continuous;

3. The magnitude or gravity of the problem;

4. The cooperativeness of the owner(s) with the City;

5. For rental properties, whether a responsible tenant is ready to occupy the property.

6. Any other factor deemed by the court to be relevant.

B. In addition to the remedies provided for in paragraph A above, the court may impose upon the owner of the property a civil penalty in any amount up to $100 a day, payable to the City, for each day the owner had actual knowledge that the property was chronic nuisance property and permitted the property to remain chronic nuisance property.