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No person shall sell, permit to be sold, offer for sale or make available any tobacco product by means of a self-service display or any means other than vendor assisted sales, except for:

A. Vending machine sales in taverns, cocktail lounges, industrial plants as defined in ORS 308.408, hotels, and motels.

B. Smoke shops. For purposes of this section, a smoke shop is a store that sells primarily tobacco products and which prohibits minors to enter or remain upon the premises, unless the minor is accompanied by the minor’s parent. To qualify for this exception, the smoke shop must post signs in the store, which are conspicuous upon entering, signs stating “No Minors Permitted Unless with a Parent.” No store may qualify as a smoke shop under this section if the store is located on the same premises as an automobile service station, as defined in section 18.08.0754. (Ord. 2877, added, 11/06/2001)