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A. Advance Notice for Approval. An applicant must submit a permit request at least ten (10) working days prior to the date on which filming is due to begin.

B. Public Works Department. If the applicant must park equipment, trucks, and/or cars for extended period where parking is typically not permitted, temporary “No Parking” Signs must be posted. The applicant must also obtain permission if there is a need to string cable across sidewalks, or from a generator to a service point.

C. Traffic Control. For filming that would impair traffic flow, an applicant must use certified flaggers or local law enforcement personnel and comply with all traffic control requirements deemed by the City to be necessary.

a. An applicant must furnish and install advance warning signs and any other traffic control devices in conformance with the Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook, State of Oregon Department of Transportation. All appropriate safety precautions must be taken.

b. Traffic may be restricted to one 12-foot lane of traffic and/or stopped intermittently. The period of time that traffic may be restricted will be determined by the City Administrator, based on location and time of day.

c. Any emergency roadwork or construction by the City of Ashland and/or private contractors, under permit or contract to the City, will have priority over filming activities.

d. Parking Lots. When parking in a City parking lot, an applicant may be billed according to the current rate schedule established by the City of Ashland. In order to assure the safety of citizens, roads which serve as emergency service roads, must never be blocked. No relocation, alteration, or moving of signage or structure will be permitted without prior approval.

e. Notification. All resident and merchants within a two hundred (200) feet radius of the film location must receive notice of filming at least 48 hours prior to the first day of filming.

D. Sanitary Facilities. The applicant must furnish one (1) portable toilet facility for each twenty-five (25) persons or fraction thereof employed if the activity site is over five hundred (500) feet from a public toilet facility or private toilet facility which is made available to applicant and employees and kept open during said activity.