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15.04.115 Conversion to For Purchase Housing
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Structures being converted from multiple-family rental unit use to for-purchase housing in multi-family zones shall conform to Oregon Structural Specialty Code Chapter 34 Existing Structures, including but not limited to, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and fire/life safety, in effect at the time of conversion, and a building permit shall be obtained for such conversion. Specifically, it shall be unlawful for the owner or his agent of multi-family residential units to convert said units and common areas to condominium ownership without prior approval of the building official. Review of components identified in Oregon Structural Specialty Code Chapter 34 Existing Structures shall precede such approval. Owner shall notify tenants that the City Building Division may be performing inspections of units and request entry for such purpose. After completion of the review, a report of items to be brought into compliance, if any will be provided to the owner or his agent by the Ashland Building Official. Any and all corrective measures and related construction permits with approved final inspections shall be completed prior to sale of units identified in the report. Physical improvement or rehabilitation of units and common areas are subject to the limitations of ORS 100.315. Conversion is also subject to requirements of AMC Chapter 10.115. The fee schedule for the conversion review shall be established by resolution of the City council. (Ord. 3043, amended, 12/21/2010; Ord. 2938, amended, 05/01/2007; Ord. 2925, amended, 04/18/2006) (Ord. 3043, 2010; Ord. 2938, 2007; Ord. 2925, 2006.)