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A. Definitions.

1. “Building Sewer Lateral” refers to the extension of the sewer pipeline from the building drain to the public sewer main line.

2. “Sewer Main” is the public sewer system, typically comprised of 6-inch and larger pipelines located within public rights-of-way or easements.

3. “Sewer Connection” is the location where the sewer lateral connects to the Sewer Main, including any pipe fittings or materials used to make the connection.

4. “Property Owner” means any person, firm, partnership or corporation.

5. “Deficiency of a Service Lateral” means a defect (broken pipe, leaky joints, protruding service, etc.) in the service line or connection to the main line that results in infiltration, obstructs flow, creates a subsurface void, allows wastewater to ex-filtrate, or creates a risk of sanitary sewer overflows.

B. Ownership and Responsibility.

1. It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to repair or replace any building sewer lateral showing any defect including, but not limited to, leaks, breaks, settlement, or stoppages. Any loss or damage to any public facility caused either by improper installation or maintenance procedures will also be the property owner’s responsibility.

2. The City reserves the right to cease water and/or sewer service to the property owner in the event that a significant deficiency is not corrected in a timely manner by the property owner after being notified by the City.

3. In the event that the City installs or relocates a building sewer lateral within a public right-of-way for purposes other than to correct deficiencies in the property owner’s building sewer lateral, the City shall maintain the sewer lateral for one year from the date of final inspection. Maintenance after this date becomes the responsibility of the property owner. (Ord. 3073, amended, 08/21/2012)