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11.26.020 Prohibitions
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In addition to the parking prohibitions in the motor vehicle laws of Oregon, no person shall:

1. Except where the street is marked or where officially indicated otherwise, stand or park a vehicle in a street other than parallel with the edge of the roadway, headed in the direction of lawful traffic movement, and with the curbside wheels of the vehicle within 12 inches of the edge of the curb or, if no curb, as close as possible to the edge of the shoulder;

2. Park on a street or in a City parking lot in a manner or at a time prohibited by official signs;

3. Park on a street or in a City parking facility longer than the time specified by applicable official parking signs:

a. The period of time so specified shall begin when the vehicle is parked in a particular limited time zone on a particular block face; and

b. The period shall be terminated when the vehicle is moved and parked on a different block face, at which time a new period shall begin as stated in subsection 3.a of this section;

4. Park so as not to be entirely within the painted lines of a single parking space;

5. Park within an area marked off by traffic markers or by painted curb or pavement;

6. Park within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or within 30 feet of a fire station;

7. Park in a street intersection, including the area used for crosswalks, or upon a sidewalk, or upon a bicycle path;

8. Park upon a bridge, viaduct, or other elevated structure used as a street, or within a street tunnel, or upon any parkway, unless marked or indicated by official signage otherwise;

9. Park across or within the entrance to an alley or driveway;

10. Park in an alley, except to load and unload persons or materials for not longer than 20 consecutive minutes in any two-hour period;

11. Park in an unimproved portion of the front setback of any structure in any residential zoned district;

12. Park on any public right-of-way with expired vehicle registration;

13. Park on any public right-of-way with the principal purpose of:

a. Displaying the vehicle for sale;

b. Washing, greasing, or repairing the vehicle, except repairs necessitated by an emergency; or

c. Selling merchandise from the vehicle, except in an established marked place or when so authorized or licensed under the ordinances of this City;

14. Park, stand or stop a truck or bus on a public street or in a public parking area with its engine running, if such engine emits exhaust fumes into the air. Vehicle engines shall be turned off when loading and unloading passengers or merchandise. This subsection shall not apply to:

a. An engine running for less than five minutes;

b. A vehicle in the moving traffic lane waiting to move with the normal flow of traffic;

c. An engine needed to operate equipment used to load or unload merchandise; or

d. Emergency vehicles, utility company vehicles, or any construction and maintenance vehicles which have engines that must run to perform needed work; or

15. Use a parking lot owned by the City for purposes other than parking of a vehicle as defined in ORS 801.590 unless otherwise permitted by special use permit issued by the City Administrator’s Office. (Ord. 3141, amended, 04/18/2017) (Ord. 3141, 2017.)