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A. Within the City limits of the City of Ashland, no person shall fire or discharge a firearm, crossbow, bow and arrow, blowgun or other gun, including spring or air-actuated pellet guns, air guns, or BB guns, or other weapons which propel a projectile by use of gunpowder or other mechanism, explosive, jet, or rocket propulsion, without the consent of the Chief of Police.

B. The provisions of this section shall not be construed to prohibit the firing or discharging of a firearm or weapon by a:

1. Person in the lawful defense or protection of such person’s property, person, or family as set forth in ORS 161.195;

2. Peace officer or member of the military discharging a firearm or weapon while acting within the scope of his or her official duty;

3. Government employee discharging a firearm or weapon when authorized and required by his or her employment or public office to carry or use firearms or weapons and while acting within the scope of his or her official duty;

4. Person conducting an athletic contest who fires blank ammunition in a plugged firearm toward the sky;

5. Person authorized by permit of the chief of police to discharge blank ammunition or a weapon for a lawful purpose (e.g. ceremony);

6. Person lawfully engaging in hunting in compliance with rules and regulations adopted by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife;

7. Person discharging a firearm or weapon on a licensed public or private shooting range, shooting gallery or other approved area designed or built for the purpose of target shooting, when such person is a member or guest of said range or area;

8. Person discharging a bow and arrow for target shooting (target arrow) on their own property or on another’s property with the owner’s consent, provided the target is of sufficient size or arrangement to prevent the arrow from leaving the property.

C. Discharging weapons is a Class A misdemeanor if the weapon discharged constitutes a firearm under Oregon law. Discharging weapons is a Class I violation if the weapon discharged is not a firearm under Oregon law. (Ord. 3026, amended, 08/03/2010)