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A. Except as provided in paragraph B below, a declarant shall, no earlier than sixty (60) days and no later than 20 days prior to the end of the tenancy of a unit occupied at the time the Notice of Conversion is served, pay to each and every vacating tenant of a unit a Relocation Benefit as defined herein. The entire benefit shall be paid to a tenant who is the only tenant in a rental unit; if a rental unit is occupied by two or more tenants (as reflected on the lease agreement), then each tenant of the unit shall be paid a pro-rata share of the relocation benefit.

B. A Relocation benefit shall not be required when:

1. The declarant has provided a minimum of twelve (12) months written Notice of conversion to tenant, in accordance with this ordinance and ORS Chapter 100; or

2. The tenant has not paid all rent due and payable to the end of the tenancy under the Rental Agreement or extension of such Rental Agreement, if any, twenty-eight (28) days prior to the date the housing unit is to be vacated; or

3. The tenant has purchased or is purchasing a unit within the same conversion to for-purchase housing project; or

4. The tenant quits the premises or otherwise voluntarily terminates the tenancy prior to the end of the tenancy and the 60 day payment deadline for relocation assistance for that (5) The tenant first occupied the unit after the notice of conversion was sent to all unit owners and tenant received a copy of such notice when tenant took occupancy.

C. “Relocation Benefit” means a sum of money equal to three (3) times the actual rent or three (3) times the Fair Market Rent, as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Medford-Ashland Metropolitan Service Area, for a unit of an equal number of bedrooms as occupied by the tenant, whichever is greater. (Ord. 2939, added, 05/01/2007)