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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 3137 Weeds and Noxious Vegetation; Nuisances; Interference With Police Or Fire Department; Swimming Pools; Controls On Open Burning; Liquor Regulations; Disorderly Conduct; Prohibited Camping; Trespass; Injury To Or Destruction Of Property; Public Parks; Fair Housing; Vehicle Chains Required; Parades And Processions; Pedestrians; Bicycles; Public Rights-of-Way; Sidewalk Cafe, Special Event and Publication Box Regulation; Construction, Repair and Alteration of Sidewalks; Street Excavations; Water System - Rates and Regulations; Water Regulation and Cross Connection; Water Curtailment; Sewer System - Rates; Sewer System – Regulations; Electric System - Regulations; Solid Fuel Burning Device Regulations; Moving of Buildings; Plumbing Code; Electrical Code; Governing Law 2017 Codified
Ord. 3136 Administrative and Operating Departments; Rules of Procedure for Public Contracting 2017 Codified
Ord. 3135 Emergency Medical Services 2016 Codified
Ord. 3133 Amends Ch. 4.34, food and beverage tax 8/16/2016 Codified
Ord. 3131 Fair Housing 2016 Codified
Ord. 3128 Obstructing Sidewalks And Passageways 2016 Codified
Ord. 3127 Prohibit Smoking in Place Of Employment, in Enclosed Areas Open To Public, and in Downtown Ashland 2016 Codified
Ord. 3124 City Planning Commission 2016 Codified
Ord. 3123 Intrusive Solicitation 2016 Codified
Ord. 3122 Definitions; Parking Regulations 2016 Codified
Ord. 3121 Tax on the Sale of Marijuana and Marijuana-Infused Products 2016 Codified
Ord. 3116 General Provisions; Uniform Violation Abatement Process; Weeds and Noxious Vegetation; Nuisances; Local Improvements And Special Assessments 2015 Codified
Ord. 3115 Chronic Nuisance Property 2015 Codified
Ord. 3114 Persistent Violations 2015 Codified
Ord. 3113 Persistent Violations 2015 Codified
Ord. 3112 Nuisance - Dogs 2015 Codified
Ord. 3111 Nuisances 2015 Codified
Ord. 3107 Rules of City Council 2015 Codified
Ord. 3106 Film and Media Productions 2015 Codified
Ord. 3104 Fire Prevention Code 2014 Codified
Ord. 3103 Tax on the Sale of Marijuana and Marijuana-Infused Products 2014 Codified
Ord. 3101 General Penalties 2014 Codified
Ord. 3100 Rules of City Council; Uniform Policies and Operating Procedures for Advisory Commissions and Boards; Municipal Audit Commission; Recreation Commission; Conservation Commission; Administrative and Operating Departments 2014 Codified
Ord. 3099 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 2014 Codified
Ord. 3095 Ashland Wildfire Mitigation Commission 2014 Repealed by 3175