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Applications for Plan Amendments and Zone Changes are as follows:

A. Type II. The Type II procedure is used for applications involving zoning map amendments consistent with the Comprehensive Plan map, and minor map amendments or corrections. Amendments under this section may be approved if in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and the application demonstrates one or more of the following:

1. The change implements a public need supported by the Comprehensive Plan.

2. A substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the existing zoning or Plan designation was proposed, necessitating the need to adjust to the changed circumstances.

3. Circumstances relating to the general public welfare exist that require such an action.

4. Proposed increases in residential zoning density resulting from a change from one zoning district to another zoning district will provide 25 percent of the proposed base density as affordable housing consistent with the approval standards set forth in section

5. Increases in residential zoning density of four units or greater on commercial, employment, or industrial zoned lands (i.e., Residential Overlay) will not negatively impact the City’s commercial and industrial land supply as required in the Comprehensive Plan, and will provide 25 percent of the proposed base density as affordable housing consistent with the approval standards set forth in section

6. The total number of affordable units described in subsection or, above, shall be determined by rounding down fractional answers to the nearest whole unit.

7. A deed restriction, or similar legal instrument, shall be used to guarantee compliance with affordable criteria for a period of not less than 60 years for units qualified as affordable rental housing, or 30 years for units qualified as affordable for-purchase housing. Subsections and do not apply to Council-initiated actions.

B. Type III. It may be necessary from time to time to make legislative amendments in order to conform with the Comprehensive Plan or to meet other changes in circumstances or conditions. The Type III procedure applies to the creation, revision, or large-scale implementation of public policy requiring City Council approval and enactment of an ordinance; this includes adoption of regulations, zone changes for large areas, zone changes requiring comprehensive plan amendment, comprehensive plan map or text amendment, annexations (see chapter 18.5.8 for annexation information), and urban growth boundary amendments. The following planning actions shall be subject to the Type III procedure.

1. Zone changes or amendments to the Zoning Map or other official maps, except where minor amendments or corrections may be processed through the Type II procedure pursuant to subsection, above.

2. Comprehensive Plan changes, including text and map changes or changes to other official maps.

3. Land Use Ordinance amendments.

4. Urban Growth Boundary amendments. (Ord. 3195 § 5, amended, 12/01/2020)