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Except for annexations initiated pursuant to section, application for annexation shall include the following information:

A. Consent to annexation, which is non-revocable for a period of one year from its date.

B. Agreement to deposit an amount sufficient to retire any outstanding indebtedness of special districts defined in ORS 222.510.

C. Boundary description and map prepared in accordance with ORS 308.225. Such description and map shall be prepared by a registered land surveyor. The boundaries shall be surveyed and monumented as required by statute subsequent to City Council approval of the proposed annexation.

D. Written findings addressing the criteria and standards in section

E.  Written request by the property owner for a zone change; provided, however, no written request shall be necessary if the annexation has been approved by a majority vote in an election meeting the requirements of Section 11g of Article XI of the Oregon Constitution (Ballot Measure No. 47).

F. For annexation applications not initiated by the City, a concurrent filing of a planning application (e.g., site design review, subdivision, or land division) for the development of the annexed area. (Ord. 3204 § 3, amended, 12/21/2021)