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An application for a Tree Removal Permit shall be submitted by the owner of the subject property or authorized agent on a form prescribed by the City and accompanied by the required filing fee. The application shall include a plan or drawing meeting the requirements below.

A. General Submission Requirements. Information required for a Ministerial or Type I review, as applicable (see sections and, including but not limited to a written statement or letter explaining how the application satisfies each and all of the relevant criteria and standards.

B. Plan Submittal. An application for all Tree Removal Permits shall include the following.

1. Plans drawn to scale containing the number, size, species, and location of the trees proposed to be removed or topped on a site plan of the property.

2. The anticipated date of removal or topping.

3. A statement of the reason for removal or topping. If a prior planning approval requires that the subject tree(s) be preserved, a modification request, pursuant to chapter 18.5.6, may also be required.

4. Information concerning proposed landscaping or planting of new trees to replace the trees to be removed.

5. Evidence that the trees proposed for removal or topping have been clearly identified on the property for visual inspection.

6. A Tree Protection Plan that includes trees located on the subject site that are not proposed for removal, and any off-site trees where drip lines extend into proposed landscaped areas on the subject site. Such plans shall conform to the protection requirements under section

7. The Staff Advisor may require an arborist’s report to substantiate the criteria for a permit.

8. Any other information reasonably required by the City.