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The City recognizes the importance of trees to the character and beauty of Ashland as well as the role that trees have in advancing the public health, safety, and welfare. The City has therefore determined that reasonable regulation of the removal of certain trees is necessary and that this regulation of trees is based upon the following general guidelines.

A. The City recognizes that trees can provide soil stability, noise buffering, and wind protection benefits. The City greatly values trees for their ecological importance, temperature mitigation, enhanced wildlife habitat, and aesthetics.

B. The City recognizes the special significance of heritage and distinctive trees, and values the contribution, which such trees make to the beauty and quality of life of Ashland.

C. The City recognizes that because of the known benefits of trees, development property should be protected from unregulated removal of trees prior to the approval of development plans. Trees on such properties should be preserved so that they may be considered for incorporation into development plans.

D. The City recognizes that residents in single-family zones should have the freedom to determine the nature of their private landscaped surroundings.

E. The City recognizes that city-owned property and properties located in multi-family residential zones often have special landscaping circumstances, and that these special circumstances have the potential to affect significantly larger numbers of persons if unregulated. Because of this, such properties require reasonable regulation.