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A. Authorization of Minor Modifications.

1. A Minor Modification is a change to an approved plan or condition of approval that does not meet any of the thresholds for a Major Modification listed in section For minor amendments to partitions and subdivisions, see also, subsection

2. The Staff Advisor through a Ministerial or Type I procedure, depending on whether the proposal involves the exercise of discretion, shall review proposals for Minor Modifications.

B. Minor Modification Applications. In requesting a Minor Modification, the applicant shall submit an application form, filing fee, a letter describing the modification, and a site plan using the same plan format as in the original approval. The approval authority may require other relevant information, as necessary, in evaluating the request.

C. Minor Modification Approval Criteria. A Minor Modification shall be approved only upon the approval authority finding that all of the following criteria are met.

1. Minor Modification applications are subject to the same approval criteria used for the initial project approval, except that the scope of review is limited to the modification request. For example, a request to modify a commercial development’s parking lot shall require Site Design Review only for the proposed parking lot and any changes to associated access, circulation, etc. Notice shall be provided in accordance with chapter 18.5.1.

2. A modification adding or altering a conditional use, or requiring a variance, administrative variance, or exception may be deemed a Major Modification and/or may be subject to other ordinance requirements.

3. The approval authority shall approve, deny, or approve with conditions the application, based on written findings; except that conditions of approval do not apply, and findings are not required, where the original approval was approved through a Ministerial review.