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A. Authorization of Major Modifications. The approval authority and review procedure for Major Modification applications is the same as for the original project or plan approval. Any one of the following changes constitutes a Major Modification:

1. A change in land use, from a less intensive use to a more intensive use, as evidenced by an estimated increase in automobile or truck trips (peak and/or average daily trips), an increase in hours of operation, additional paved area, or similar factors, where the increase is 20 percent or more, provided the standards of parts 18.2, 18.3, and 18.4 are met.

2. An increase in floor area to a commercial or industrial development by 20 percent or more, or an increase in the number of dwelling units in a multifamily development, by ten percent or more, provided the standards of parts 18.2 and 18.3 are met.

3. An increase in building envelope or an increase in lot coverage by 20 percent or more, provided the standards of parts 18.2 and 18.3 are met.

4. A change in the type and/or location of vehicle access points or approaches, driveways, or parking areas affecting off-site traffic if the change could cause a significant adverse impact on traffic operations or safety (i.e., requiring mitigation).

5. A reduction to screening, or a reduction to the area reserved for common open space or landscaping by 20 percent or more.

6. A change to a building elevation or floor plan that the Staff Advisor determines is not in substantial conformance with the original approval.

7. Change to a condition of approval, or a change similar to, subsections 1 - 6, above, that could have a detrimental impact on adjoining properties. The Staff Advisor shall have discretion in determining detrimental impacts triggering a major modification.

8. Other changes similar to those in, subsections 1 - 6, above, in scale, magnitude, or impact to adjacent properties, as determined by the Staff Advisor.

B. Major Modification Applications. In requesting a Major Modification, the applicant shall submit an application form, filing fee, a letter describing the modification, and a site plan using the same plan format as in the original approval. The approval authority may require other relevant information, as necessary, in evaluating the request.

C. Major Modification Approval Criteria. A Major Modification shall be approved only upon the approval authority finding that all of the following criteria are met.

1. Major Modification applications are subject to the same approval criteria used for the initial project approval, except that the scope of review is limited to the modification request. For example, a request to modify a commercial development’s parking lot shall require Site Design Review only for the proposed parking lot and any changes to associated access, circulation, etc.

2. A modification adding or altering a conditional use, or requiring a variance, administrative variance, or exception may be subject to other ordinance requirements.

3. The approval authority shall approve, deny, or approve with conditions the application, based on written findings. (Ord. 3229 § 13, amended, 12/19/2023)