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Applications for Variances are reviewed as follows.

A. Type I. The following Variances are subject to the Type I review procedure in section

1. Sign placement, per chapter 18.4.7.

2. Non-conforming signs, when bringing them into conformance as described in chapter 18.4.7.

3. Up to a 50 percent reduction of standard yard requirements.

4. Parking in setback areas.

5. Up to ten percent reduction in the required minimum lot area.

6. Up to ten percent increase in the maximum lot coverage percentage.

7. Up to 20 percent reduction in lot width or lot depth requirements.

8. Up to ten percent variance on height, width, depth, length, or other dimension not otherwise listed in this section.

B. Type II. Variances not listed in subsection, above, are subject to the Type II review procedure in section (Ord. 3229 § 12, amended, 12/19/2023)