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An application for a Conditional Use Permit shall be submitted by the owner of the subject property or authorized agent on a form prescribed by the City and accompanied by the required filing fee. The application shall include a plan or drawing meeting the requirements below.

A. General Submission Requirements. Information required for Type I or Type II review, as applicable (see sections and, including but not limited to a written statement or letter explaining how the application satisfies each and all of the relevant criteria and standards.

B. Plan Submittal. The plan or drawing accompanying the application shall include the following information.

1. Vicinity map.

2. North arrow and scale.

3. Depiction and names of all streets abutting the subject property.

4. Depiction of the subject property, including the dimensions of all lot lines.

5. Location and use of all buildings existing and proposed on the subject property and schematic architectural elevations of all proposed structures.

6. Location of all parking areas, parking spaces, and ingress, egress, and traffic circulation for the subject property, including accessible parking by building code.

7. Schematic landscaping plan showing area and type of landscaping proposed.

8. A topographic map of the site showing contour intervals of five feet or less.

9. Approximate location of all existing natural features in areas which are planned to be disturbed, including, but not limited to, all existing trees of greater than six inches DBH, any natural drainage ways, ponds or wetlands, and any substantial outcroppings of rocks or boulders.