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A Property Line Adjustment is the modification of lot boundary when no lot is created. The Staff Advisor reviews applications for Property Line Adjustments through the Ministerial procedure, per section The application submission and approval process for Property Line Adjustments is as follows.

A. Submission Requirements. All applications for Property Line Adjustment shall be made on forms provided by the City and shall include information required for a Ministerial review, pursuant to section The application shall include a preliminary lot line map drawn to scale identifying all existing and proposed lot lines and dimensions; footprints and dimensions of existing structures (including accessory structures); location and dimensions of driveways and public and private streets within or abutting the subject lots; location of lands subject to the Ashland Floodplain Corridor Overlay; existing fences and walls; and any other information deemed necessary by the Staff Advisor for ensuring compliance with City codes. The application shall be signed by all of the owners as appearing on the deeds of the subject lots.

B. Approval Criteria. The Staff Advisor shall approve or deny a request for a property line adjustment in writing based on all of the following criteria.

1. Parcel Creation. No additional parcel or lot is created by the lot line adjustment.

2. Lot Standards. Except as allowed for nonconforming lots, pursuant to chapter 18.1.4, or as required by an overlay zone in part 18.3, all lots and parcels conform to the lot standards of the applicable zoning district, including lot area, dimensions, setbacks, and coverage, per part 18.2. If a lot does not conform to the lots standards of the applicable zoning district, it shall not be made less conforming by the property line adjustment. As applicable, all lots and parcels shall identify a buildable area free of building restrictions for physical constraints (i.e., flood plain, greater than 35 percent slope, water resource protection zones).

3. Access Standards. All lots and parcels conform to the standards in section Vehicle Area Design. Lots and parcels that do not conform to the access standards shall not be made less conforming by the property line adjustment.

C. Final Property Line Adjustment Plat. The final plat for Property Line Adjustments shall be prepared as a partition plat, and meet the requirements of sections

D. Recording Property Line Adjustments.

1. Recording. Within 60 days of the City approval of the final plat (or the approval of the preliminary property line adjustment map expires), the applicant shall submit the final plat to Jackson County for signatures of County officials as required by ORS chapter 92.

2. Time Limit. The applicant shall submit a copy of the recorded property line adjustment survey map to the City within 15 days of recording and prior to any application being filed for building permits on the re-configured lots.