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A. Final Plat Submission. Final plats require review and approval by the Staff Advisor and City Surveyor prior to recording with Jackson County. Within 18 months of the date of preliminary plat approval, except when an extension of the preliminary plat is granted pursuant to section, the tract of land shall be surveyed, and the applicant shall submit the final plat.

B. Final Plat Information. The final plat submission requirements are as follows.

1. The final plat is consistent in design (e.g., number, area, dimensions of lots, easements, tracts, right-of-way) with the approved preliminary plat, and all conditions of approval have been satisfied.

2. All public improvements required by the preliminary plat have been installed and approved by the City or applicable service provider if different than the City (e.g., road authority, utility provider), or otherwise bonded in conformance with chapter 18.4.6.

3. The streets and roads for public use are dedicated without reservation or restriction other than reversionary rights upon vacation of any such street or road and easements for public utilities.

4. All required streets, access ways, roads, easements, and other dedications or reservations are shown on the plat.

5. The plat and deed contain a dedication to the public of all public improvements, including but not limited to streets, public pathways and trails, access reserve strips, parks, and water and sewer facilities, as applicable.

6. As applicable, the applicant has furnished acceptable copies of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s), easements, maintenance agreements (e.g., landscaping, tree preservation, common areas, access, parking, etc.), and other documents pertaining to common improvements recorded and referenced on the plat.

7. Verification by the City that water and sanitary sewer service is available to every lot depicted on the plat.

8. The format of the plat shall conform to ORS 92, and shall incorporate the preliminary plat information in section

9. The plat contains an affidavit by the surveyor who surveyed the land, represented on the plat to the effect the land was correctly surveyed and marked with proper monuments as provided by ORS 92, indicating the initial point of the survey, and giving the dimensions and kind of such monument and its reference to some corner approved by the Jackson County Surveyor for purposes of identifying its location.

10. A copy of any deed restrictions applicable to the partition or subdivision or the title report.

C. Review Procedure.

1. Review of Final Plat. Upon receipt by the City, the final map and other data shall be reviewed by the City Engineer and Staff Advisor who shall determine whether the subdivision as shown is substantially the same as it appeared on the approved preliminary plat and that there has been compliance with provisions of the law and of this code. The City may make such checks in the field as are desirable to verify that the map is sufficiently correct on the ground and City representatives may enter the property for this purpose. If the City Engineer determines that full conformity has not been made, the applicant shall be advised of the changes or additions that must be made and shall afford the applicant an opportunity to make the changes or additions.

2. Approval of Final Plat. If the Staff Advisor and City Surveyor determine that the final plat is in full conformance with the approved preliminary plat and other regulations, the Staff Advisor and the City Surveyor may then sign the plat without further action by the Planning Commission. If the final plat is not in full conformance with the preliminary plat, the applicant may request changes to the approved preliminary plat or conditions of approval following the procedures and criteria provided in chapter 18.5.6. See also, subsection, Minor Amendments.