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A. Applicability. The requirements for partitions and subdivisions apply, as follows.

1. Subdivisions are the creation of four or more lots from one parent lot, parcel, or tract, within one calendar year.

2. Partitions are the creation of three or fewer lots from one parent lot, parcel, or tract, each having frontage on a public street, within one calendar year. (Note: Partitions of three lots with access via a private drive are allowed under chapter 18.3.9 Performance Standards Option.)

3. Property line adjustments are modifications to lot lines or parcel boundaries that do not result in the creation of new lots.

4. For properties located in the Performance Standards Overlay, all land divisions, other than partitions and development of individual dwelling units, shall be processed under chapter 18.3.9 Performance Standards Option. Properties not located in the Performance Standards Overlay but meeting the requirements of section, may be processed under chapter 18.3.9 Performance Standards Option. Except as modified by chapter 18.3.9, the provisions of chapter 18.5.3 apply to development applications processed under the Performance Standards Option.

B. Land Survey. Before any action is taken pursuant to this ordinance that would cause adjustments or realignment of property lines, required yard areas, or setbacks, the exact lot lines shall be validated by location of official survey pins or by a survey performed by a licensed surveyor.

C. Subdivision and Partition Approval Through Two-Step Process. Applications for subdivision or partition approval shall be processed by means of a preliminary plat evaluation and a final plat evaluation.

1. The preliminary plat must be approved before the final plat can be submitted for review.

2. The final plat must demonstrate compliance with all conditions of approval of the preliminary plat.

D. Compliance With Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) chapter 92. All subdivision and partitions shall conform to state regulations in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) chapter 92, Subdivisions and Partitions.

E. Future Re-Division Plan. When subdividing or partitioning tracts into large lots (i.e., greater than two times or 200 percent the minimum lot size allowed by the underlying land use district), the lots shall be of such size, shape, and orientation as to facilitate future re-division and extension of streets and utilities. The approval authority may require a development plan indicating how further division of oversized lots and extension of planned public facilities to adjacent parcels can occur in the future. If the Planning Commission determines that an area or tract of land has been or is in the process of being divided into four or more lots, the Commission can require full compliance with all subdivision regulations.

F. Minor Amendments. The following minor amendments to subdivisions and partitions are subject to Ministerial review in Chapter Changes to an approved plan or condition of approval that do not meet the thresholds for a minor amendment, below, are subject to Chapter 18.5.6 Modifications to Approved Planning Actions.

1. A change that does increase the number of lots or parcels created by the subdivision.

2. A change that does not enlarge the boundaries of subdivided or partitioned area.

3. A change that does not alter the general location or amount of land devoted to a specific land use.

4. A changes that makes only minor shifting of the established lines, location, or size of buildings or building envelopes, proposed public or private streets, pedestrian ways, utility easement, or parks and other public open spaces.