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When approving an application to modify a Site Design Review approval pursuant to chapter 18.5.6, the Planning Commission or Staff Advisor may include any or all of the following conditions as they find necessary to meet the intent and purpose and the criteria for approval.

A. Require the value of the landscaping to be above two percent, but not greater than five percent of the total project costs as determined from the building permit valuation.

B. Require such modifications in the landscaping plan as will ensure proper screening and aesthetic appearance.

C. Require plantings and ground cover to be predominant, not accessory, to other inorganic or dead organic ground cover.

D. Require the retention of existing trees, rocks, water ponds or courses, and other natural features.

E. Require the retention and restoration of existing historically significant structures on the project site.

F. Require the City Engineer’s approval of a grading plan or drainage plan for a collection and transmission of drainage.

G. Require the modification or revision of the design or remodeling of structures, signs, accessory buildings, etc., to be consistent with the Site Development and Design Standards.

H. Require the modification of the placement of any new structures, new accessory uses, parking, and landscaping on the project site to buffer adjacent uses from the possible detrimental effects of the propose development.

I. Restrict heights of new buildings or additions over 35 feet and increase setbacks up to 20 feet.

J. Require on-site fire hydrants with protective barricades.

K. Require the type and placement or shielding of lights for outdoor circulation and parking.

L. Require new developments to provide limited controlled access onto a major street by means of traffic signals, traffic controls and turning islands, landscaping, or any other means necessary to ensure the viability, safety, and integrity of the major street as a through corridor.

M. Require pedestrian access, separate pedestrian paths, sidewalks, and protection from weather in new developments.

N. Require developments to provide access to improved City streets and, where possible, provide access to the lower order street rather than a major collector or arterial street.