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The City Council or City Manager may, at its sole discretion, reconsider a decision on a claim if it appears that the decision is inconsistent with a subsequent court ruling; administrative rule or other change in the law relative to Measure 49. The decision to reconsider may be made without notice or hearing; but, the decision on reconsideration shall be made only after notice and opportunity to be heard consistent with the requirements for claim review provided under this chapter for City Manager and Council review whichever is applicable. At the conclusion of the process, the Council or City Manager may affirm, modify, or revoke the earlier decision. If the Council modifies or revokes a decision that resulted in payment of compensation, the Council shall specify the amount due from the claimant and the City may institute an action for recovery. If the Council or City Manager modifies or revokes a decision to modify, remove, or not apply a land use regulation, it shall issue an order setting forth such remedy as it deems appropriate to protect the public interest. (Ord. 3192 § 120, amended, 11/17/2020)