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A. Claim Processing. All claims transferred by the City Manager to the City Council shall be processed by the City Manager consistent with the claims review process provided under this chapter. The Council shall issue a final decision after providing notice and a hearing within 180 days from the date the claim in deemed complete.

B. Notice and Hearing. The decision of the City Council shall be made after a public hearing conducted in accordance with such procedures as the Council may adopt. At least 30 days written notice shall be provided of the public hearing and include such information as is set forth in section, providing all required notices above are modified to include reference to the public hearing date rather than the comment period. A staff report will be available at least 14 calendar days prior to the hearing addressing:

1. Whether the claim filed is complete; and

2. A recommendation as to whether and how much to pay in compensation, or, in lieu thereof, a recommendation on an award of transferable development credits, or a recommendation regarding the number of dwellings and lots that may be approved and the land regulation(s) that should be waived.

C. Final Decision. The City Council may reject the claim, pay compensation, award transferable development credits, issue a waiver, or approve any combination of such remedies. The decision shall otherwise be decided based on the same review criteria applicable to a decision issued by the City Manager under section The Council may waive some regulations specified in the claim and deny waiver of others. The Council is not limited to those regulations listed in the claim and may impose any conditions of approval that it deems reasonable and appropriate to protect the public interest. Notice of the Council’s final decision shall be mailed to any person entitled to notice of the hearing or that appeared orally or in writing at the public hearing. (Ord. 3192 § 120, amended, 11/17/2020)