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Ministerial decisions are made by the Staff Advisor. A public notice and public hearing are not required for Ministerial decisions. Ministerial decisions are those where the application of City standards and criteria does not require the exercise of substantial discretion.

A. Application Requirements and Review.

1. Application Form and Fee. Applications requiring Ministerial review shall be made on forms provided by the City and include any plans, exhibits, or other submittals required pursuant to the applicable sections of this ordinance. One or more property owners of the property for which the planning action is requested and their authorized agents, as applicable, must sign the application. The application shall not be considered complete unless the appropriate application fee accompanies it.

2. Decision. Within 21 days after accepting a complete application for a Ministerial review the Staff Advisor shall approve or deny the application, unless such time limitation is extended with the consent of the applicant.

B. Building Permits. The City shall not issue a building permit for a project subject to review under this section until the Staff Advisor has approved the Ministerial application.

C. Criteria and Decision. The Staff Advisor, in approving a Ministerial application, may find that other City permits or approvals are required prior to issuance of construction or building permits, in which case the Staff Advisor may specify the required permits and approvals with the Ministerial decision.

D. Effective Date. A Ministerial decision is final on the date it is signed by the Staff Advisor.