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A. Pre-Application Conference. All applicants for Type I, II, and III planning actions shall have completed a pre-application conference for the project within a six-month time period preceding the filing of the application. The Staff Advisor may waive this requirement if in the Staff Advisor’s opinion the information to be gathered in a pre-application conference already exists in the final application. The purpose of the conference shall be to acquaint the applicant with the substantive and procedural requirements of this ordinance, provide for an exchange of information regarding applicable elements of the comprehensive plan and development requirements, and to identify policies and regulations that create opportunities or pose significant constraints for the proposed development. The Staff Advisor is authorized to create procedures allowing for electronic or other alternative forms of conferences.

B. Consolidated Review Procedures. An applicant may apply at one time for all permits and approvals needed for a project proposal. The consolidated procedure shall be subject to the time limitations set out in ORS 227.178. The consolidated procedure shall follow the most restrictive procedure in the development project.