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All disc antennas shall be located, designed, constructed, treated, and maintained in accordance with the following standards.

A. Antennas shall be installed and maintained in compliance with the requirements of the Building Code.

B. Disc antennas exceeding one meter in diameter shall not be permitted on the roof, except where there is no other location on the lot which provides access to receiving or transmitting signals. In no case shall any part of any antenna be located more than ten feet above the apex of the roof surface. Antennas mounted on the roof shall be located in the least visible location as viewed from adjacent right-of-ways, and residential structures in residential zones.

C. No more than one disc antenna shall be permitted on each lot, except three or fewer parabolic disc antennas, each under one meter in diameter, are permitted on any one lot in accordance with

D. Ground mounted disc antennas shall be erected or maintained to the rear of the main building, except in those instances when the subject property is cul-de-sac or corner lot where the side yard is larger than the rear yard, in which case the antenna may be located in the side yard. Antennas shall not be located in any required setback area. No portion of an antenna array shall extend beyond the property lines or into any front yard area. Guy wires shall not be anchored within any front yard area but may be attached to the building.

E. Antennas may be ground-mounted, free standing, or supported by guy wires, buildings, or other structures in compliance with the manufacturer's structural specifications. Ground-mounted antennas shall be any antenna with its base mounted directly in the ground, even if such antenna is supported or attached to the wall of a building.

F. The antenna, including guy wires, supporting structures and accessory equipment, shall be located and designed so as to minimize the visual impact on surrounding properties and from public streets. Antennas shall be screened through the addition of architectural features and/or landscaping that harmonize with the elements and characteristics of the property. The materials used in constructing the antenna shall not be unnecessarily bright, shiny, garish, or reflective. Whenever possible, disc antennas shall be constructed out of mesh material and painted a color that will blend with the background.

G. Antennas may contain no sign or graphic design as defined in part 18.6, even if the sign is permitted on the property. (Ord. 3155 § 14, amended, 07/17/2018)