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A. Materials of Construction.

1. Single and Multi-Family Residential Zones. All signs and their supporting member may be constructed of any material subject to the provisions of this chapter.

2. Commercial and Industrial Zones. All signs and their supporting members shall be constructed of non-combustible materials or fire-retardant treated wood which maintains its fire-resistive qualities when tested in accordance with the rain and weathering tests of the Building Code, unless otherwise provided in this section.

3. Non-Treated Signs. All wall, ground, marquee, and projecting signs of twenty square feet or less may be constructed of non-treated wood.

4. Real Estate and Construction Signs. All signs may be constructed of compressed wood particle board or other material of similar fire resistivity.

5. Directly Illuminated Signs. All signs illuminated from within may be faced with plastics approved by the Building Code.

6. Glass. All glass used in signs shall be shatter-resistant, or covered by a shatter-resistant material.

7. Wood. Wood in contact with the ground shall be foundation-grade redwood, foundation-grade cedar, all heartwood cypress, or any species of wood that has been pressure-treated with an approved preservative. Trim and backing strips may be constructed of wood.

B. Construction Methods.

1. All signs shall be constructed of such materials or treated in such manner that normal weathering will not harm, deface or otherwise affect the sign.

2. All letters, figure, and similar message elements shall be safely and securely attached to the sign structure.

3. All signs shall be designed and constructed to resist the applicable wind loads set forth in the Building Code.

C. Maintenance. All signs shall be maintained at all times in a state of good repair, and no person shall maintain or permit to be maintained on any premises owned or controlled by him/her, any sign which is in a sagging, leaning, fallen, decayed, deteriorated, or other dilapidated or unsafe condition.